Sunday, February 22, 2009

Super Saturday

The West coast of Florida is known for its beautiful, pristine beaches - and we're lucky enough to live within a 15 minute drive from many of them. Yesterday it warmed up enough for us to take Monkey to the beach for a picnic lunch at Ft. DeSoto Park, which was named America's #1 beach last year.

First we showed him the huge Sunshine Skyway bridge, which connects the peninsula of Saint Petersburg to the mainland of Florida. Can you see it off in the distance?

See the people in the picture below? They were a whole vanload of Japanese tourists visiting the park. They thought it was so funny that we had Monkey at the beach and wanted to take his picture (for their blog?). I could tell they were asking what we were doing, but due to language barriers I had a hard time explaining to them why Monkey was at the beach.

Here's Monkey enjoying the sunshine. I know it looks warm, but it was really only about 63 yesterday. Too cold to swim!

And here's Monkey and the kids eating a picnic lunch.

All in all it was an awesome day! I've always thought February and March are the nicest time of year to go to the beach - summers here are way too hot and humid. And if you're ever in West Central Florida, don't forget to check out Ft. DeSoto Park!


3 Bay B Chicks said...
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lisagh said...

Ohhhhh... the sun. How I miss the warm sunny sun. Monkey better be bringing some of that home with him :)