Friday, February 20, 2009

good times never seemed so good

A long, long time ago, Monkey came to visit me. We did a lot of fun things. I told you about some of them, but blogger wouldn't post the pics of our last adventure and I just realized I never came back to it, so while Monkey is traveling, here is his final adventure with me.

Monkey got to have a long visit with me because I had a very special date and the end of the week he was scheduled to visit. I was headed to see Neil Diamond with my mom and her friend in Charlotte. His kind mama, Lisagh, allowed him to stay on a little longer so he could go too! It seems that Monkey is becoming quite cultured. It looks like he's already seen Bruce Springstein and John Mayer too!

Monkey and Mikey were excited to experience this part of the journey together. I didn't have a carseat with me, so we made due with a Vera Bradley CD case.
They both arrived in one piece, but Monkey had a hard time resisting his animal instincts to check out the local sights. Here he is trying to see if he can catch the UNCG soccer players in action.
Before the concert, the boys were glad to join the ladies for a few drinks.
Monkey really does bring people together. Someone caught me fetching him from my bag and couldn't resist asking about him. He was so excited to hear about Monkeys adventures, he was sure we would want to get his priest in on the action, so he volunteered the priest, and his photography skills, for a photo op.
Alas, when we arrived at the concert, no cameras were allowed, so I don't have any great shots of Neil, but he was awesome! Monkey sang loud during Sweet Caroline and Seemed to know all of the words to Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show. I'm pretty sure I even saw a tear in his eye during Coming to America.

We did get a shot outside of the stadium. Since we couldn't take any shots inside of the concert, Monkey wanted me to be sure that I captured a picture of him with his ticket and the sign he made. I know Neil loved it, Monkey. (By the way, a wreath makes a wonderful propping spot for a friendly little monkey).

On our way out of town, I shared my new favorite tradition with Monkey. Since Charlotte is slightly more evolved than Greensboro, I always have to visit their Trader Joe's for some of my favorite staples. Monkey loved it just as much as I do.

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lisagh said...

That Monkey has been to more concerts than I have this year! And I'm so envious he got to see Neil Diamond - one of my faves!