Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Monkey is going to the beach!

I went to ship monkey to his next destination yesterday, but ended up coming back home with him. UPS said he wouldn't arrive in Greensboro until Monday, Dec 1st. Monkey should NOT spend his first Thanksgiving in a box in UPS storage! I asked when he would arrive if I shipped him on Friday from Myrtle Beach and they said the same date, Monday 1st.

So, he's coming to the beach with us! Woo Woo. Emma is so excited! He'll have a blast with the Minyon clan!

He is packed up in the car, ready to go. 6 hours on the road, but we'll make it. We'll post with vacation pics as soon as. I apologize I've not added more pics from his time in Richmond, but trying to pack up everything for a 9 month old is crazy!

Monkey's gonna love his first Thanksgiving, I'm sure of it!


Brie said...

Chloe, you made the RIGHT decision! Monkey can spend the US Thanksgiving in a box! Yay for you :) Happy Thanksgiving!

Brie said...

oops I meant CAN'T spend it in a box ;)

lisagh said...

I'm so jealous of Monkey - Canadians don't have Thanksgiving tomorrow :(

April said...

Happy Thanksgiving Monkey!! Can't wait to meet you soon!!
Lots of love from Oregon!!