Monday, November 24, 2008

Monkey Chills

It was a pretty quiet weekend for Monkey and Emma. Monkey said he just wanted to chill out for a while, before seeing some Richmond sights. He's been teaching Emma some manners (sharing) and just getting back in to the groove, before heading out to his next destination.

Getting to know one another...

...before sharing some snacks!

Chillin' out, reading some Monkey literature!

A quick snap of the three of us!

Now that he's all relaxed, we'll head out for some fun pics. Check back soon for an update. Oh and we promise not to hog him for much longer. He has many more places to see and some fabulous people to meet!

We're so happy he's back!


Mona said...


lisagh said...

I can tell Monkey and Emma are the best of friends!

jilly said...

But of course he would love baby Emma, who wouldn't!!! So excited to see he is there with you guys!

Midge said...

1 Baby + 1 Monkey = Super Cute!