Monday, December 1, 2008

Monkey's time at the beach

Monkey had a fabulous time at the beach and here are just a few pictures from his adventure:

Packed up and ready to go

The early part of the 6 hour journey. The smiles went quickly away around hour 3!

Daddy had to hold Emma's head as she was too excited to hit the beach and wouldn't sit nicely with Monkey!

Ah, feel that winter sunshine!

Buddies hanging out

Me? I do nothing! tee hee hee

The 3 of us.

It was then back to the beach house for some yummy Thanksgiving food. Unfortunately, Emma and I were stuffing our faces a little too much to snap a picture of Monkey enjoying his banana pie, but I'm sure you can imagine the little dude with crumbs all over his face!

He's now in transit to his next destination, with banana pie mouth and beach sand butt. Good times, good times!

We'll miss you Monkey, it was a joy having you hang out with the Minyon clan. Come back someday, OK?!


Misplaced Country Girl said...

Beach sand butt! He he!

lisagh said...

How lucky to go to the beach in November. Up here, where Monkey's from, it was 20° below zero today! YIKES.

Cindy said...

What wonderful friends Monkey is meeting along the way! He is good with babies.

Meg said...

Cloggsy, Emma is absolutely beautiful, and as much as I enjoyed seeing Monkey, I LOVED seeing her. She is precious! Thank you for those great pictures.