Monday, August 18, 2008

Welcome to Virginia

The boys and I returned home last night. We had a surprise visitor waiting for us. MONKEY! The boys were so excited. Hubby was a little camera shy and didn't document what kind of hi-jinks he and Monkey had been up to while they were bachelors. I expect it was a lot of drinking, relaxing, and cooking out. There was one disturbing detail hubby couldn't understand and that was Monkey's fear of our Lab, Biscuit. No matter how he tried to coax Monkey to meet him, Monkey was having no part of it. He said he did not mean to be rude and appreciated all the Southern hospitality...something about Philly, stitches, Hubby didn't get the whole story. He just wanted to hang out until we returned home. He actually proved to be good with numbers and helped him out with some billing.

I have a big week planned for us! More later...

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lisagh said...

Oh! He looks very smashing in spectacles.