Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sightseeing In Virginia

Boy #2 with Monkey at Carl's
Friendly girl at Carl's

Safety first!

The Mary Washington Monument

Historic Kenmore Plantation

We all got up early today so we could do some local sightseeing. Monkey is quite the history buff! Our first stop was to Historic Kenmore. It was built by patriot Fielding Lewis and his wife Betty. Betty was the sister of George Washington. Monkey really enjoyed hearing about the father of our country.
Next we traveled to the Mary Washington Monument. This monument marks the grave of George Washington's mother. It was dedicated in 1894 by President Grover Cleveland. Monkey could not believe how much history was in Fredericksburg, VA. He really wants to see the cannon balls that are still visible on some local properties.
All the walking and the heat made Monkey want a snack. We all went to a local landmark, Carl's ice cream to cool off. Funny-Monkey did not want any. He said after his recent lipo and surgery he did not want to gain any weight back. So silly. The ice cream is the BEST! So after a bottle of water we all headed home.
More sightseeing tomorrow.


Lauren said...

Hey, I just recently saw Carl's on a PBS special on ice cream!

lisagh said...

Maybe after all his travels, we can sign Monkey up for Jeopardy. He's going to be so smart!

amanda said...

Monkey looks like he's having so much fun. Lisagh, could we get an update of where Monkey is on his itinerary? I'm headed out of town for a few days in September and don't want to miss him.

lisagh said...

Hey A!
He's heading to Annapolis, MD next and then either to Bridgehampton, NY or another stop in VA. I'll send out an update email soon.

Cindy said...

It's going to be AGES before he's in California, isn't it? Oh well, it will be nice to have him for ski season!

daren sammy said...

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