Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Day 2 and we are pooped. We have walked all over town and it is HOT! Today's first stop was to the Rising Sun Tavern which was built by Charles Washington, George's youngest brother. It was his private home in 1760 and then became a tavern in 1792. Silly Monkey wanted a drink, something strong, anything....however they no longer serve. I promised Monkey water in a little while not to mention we did not have time for potty breaks so he was a good sport about it.

Our next stop was to St. Georges Episcopal Church. This is the church hubby grew up with and the boys were christened here.

Next we walked to ( Monkey now makes me carry him ) the church that I grew up with, the Presbyterian Church. Clara Barton nursed the soldiers in the sanctuary during the Civil war. There are several bullet holes in the church and 2 cannon balls in the front columns. Monkey couldn't wait to climb up and check out the cannon balls.

The tree is blocking the view of the columns.

Monkey and boys touching one of the cannon balls.

Our next stop was at the Hugh Mercer Apothecary Shop. Here the good doctor used leaches and snakeroot as treatments to cure many maladies. It is rumored that he had a medicine so potent that it would "cheer a man with a bad wife." Looks like we could use some of that today!

Last stop of the day was to the Fredericksburg Area Museum. Monkey enjoyed playing on the gun.

Trying on hats.

Clearly photos are forbidden but I told Monkey if he kept swinging on the ropes I would have no choice but to take a picture for his mother to see. He has been perfect ever since.

Information about the gun.

Just one more minute!

See you tomorrow!

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Brie said...

isn't monkey the greatest? He really gets you motivated to go check out all the local hot spots!