Monday, August 25, 2008

Welcome to Annapolis, Maryland!

He's here! He's here!

Monkey's here!

Monkey arrived safely in Annapolis, Maryland at around 3:45 this afternoon.

He was really tired and was really hot and very thirsty after his trip so I offered him a sip of my Diet A&W Root beer. Little bugger drank the whole 2 liters in 2 minutes flat!

He seemed a little shy so I offered him a new friend to snuggle with. I think it helped him relax because I noticed his eyes were looking a little sleepy.

So I put him into our bed for a quick nap while we wait for the kids to get home.

Shhhh! He's really sleeping hard now...

Not much planned for this evening. But the next couple of days should be fun!

More to come...


Ned said...

I am so happy he arrived safe and souund we were all worried about him!

preppy little dress said...

hope monkey enjoyed some wonderful crab meals down there in annapolis! hee! hee!

Anonymous said...

This is monkey's grandad and grandmom from Sheffield, England (we're the ones who took monkey's brother to Rome last April). We're getting pretty worried! We're due to visit our other daughter in Brighton, Michigan on October 11th. Shall we join the search!