Thursday, August 14, 2008

I am seriously worried

Not about Monkey, who seems to be having a fabulous summer, but about US. As a group of women.

Look at this. I think this blog is real.

Ms. Bucky, who appears to be a stuffed dog, has her own blog (yes—I know), according to which she recently attended a Claymate get-together. Note the wall in the background. They must be meeting in their special Claymate clubhouse. 

Highjinx ensue.

Ms. Bucky watches a video of Clay,

drinks wine from a bathroom tumbler,

models a t-shirt,

and predictably all hell finally breaks loose.

Slopes can be slippery, you know. And I think these women seem seriously disturbed.

But no, not us. Right? Right????


Brie said...

That seriously cracked me up... especially the wine from a bathroom tumbler!

Mel said...

Monkey is WAY, WAY cooler than this "Claymate Rabbit". More diverse and better traveled as well. Just look at everything he's gotten to see and do!!

lisagh said...

This is hilarious. I know I'm biased but I think we're way cooler than these ladies.

Hey! Maybe a showdown of Ms. Bucky vs. Monkey is in order. Quick! Someone call Ellen DeGeneres!

Anonymous said...

this monkey thing is cracking me up- not that rabbit thing- i stopped at clay aiken. Anyways- what do you do with this monkey?

indycitygirl said...!!!this is so wrong...

Petunia said...

Ewww! Claymates? That is so wrong!

Monkey is SO much cuter than that scary-looking little alien!! :-)

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Disturbing! Very Disturbing!

Susan D. said...

so very scary. i agree with lisagh - we are way cooler & cuter than the bucky thing. ick.

More, More, More said...

do you see the wall of clay aiken behind that lady? i don't think we can even compare the two groups! we are way cooler!

amanda said...

Even better, Lisagh, I think Ms. Bucky is actually ceramic made to look like a stuffed animal. Should we get monkey some sparkly pants like hers?