Monday, August 11, 2008

Fun with the Monkey!

Today we had some mighty fun plans, but impending rain only let us get to a few!

First we stopped off for a Philly favorite, which he had with Deb on his first trip.

We stopped at Philadelphia Soft Pretzel Factory...which is actually a chain, and we went to the one on West Chester, but they really have the very best pretzels.

Monkey was hoping to see the pretzel making in action, but they've been baking them early due to the heat, so he only got to see the apparatus....which he wanted to take a ride on, but I had to say no. I didn't want his tail to get a twisted and baked and munched on.

After that we headed to another movie location. This one is not so famous, as the movie is in completed, but not released yet, according to IMDB.

Feature...Our Lady of Victory
Location...Immaculata University

The plot (per IMDB) - In the early 70s, Cathy Rush becomes the head basketball coach at a tiny, all-girls Catholic college. Though her team has no gym and no uniforms -- and the school itself is in danger of being sold -- Coach Rush looks to steer her girls to their first national championship.

Sounds a bit Disney to me, but it was shot really near by!

After this we realized that it was very cloudy and began raining a bit so our plans to go to Longwood Gardens were scrapped.

Instead, Monkey helped me make sugar-free banana cream pie! One of our favorites! Monkey also came with me to Home Depot to get a faceplate for that ugly outlet below. He's so helpful like that!

Our favorite part of Banana Cream Pie is eating it! And Monkey devoured a big piece! His had the most banana's of course!

On Saturday, Monkey came with us to the Growers Market in West Chester, but alas, the camera was having problems, so we didn't get a picture of him amongst the flowers, peaches, veggies. A couple of Amish guys working their stand were excessively amused by the story of Monkey and his travels.

We had a pretty quiet day, and monkey will be off to Virginia in tomorrow's mail...we'll miss him here, but are sure he'll have a great time on his next stop!


lisagh said...

He's picking up so many skills along his journey! We'll add expert baker to his CV. Awesome.

Brie said...

yum - banana cream pie :)

I used to live in West Chester, Pa too!

L.A. Prep said...
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