Friday, August 8, 2008

The City of Brotherly Love a.k.a. the city where many movies are shot!

As this is monkey's second visit to our fair city, and he visited many of the landmark sights with Deb,I decided that I would focus on something different.

Philadelphia is known for many good things, so what should I choose? Restaurants? yummy yes, but this isn't a food blog. History? Lot's of it, but it was crazy hot and humid, and I knew my time was limited.

So I went with what I love. Movies. The Greater Philadelphia Film Office has done a wonderful job bringing movies to our area. You've already seen Monkey on the steps of the Art Museum, and with the statue of Rocky, so we won't go there again, but that's probably the most recognizable locale in the city.

As time was limited due to having to pick up my dad from the hospital we hit only a few...

Our first feature....In Her Shoes!
Our first stop...The Jamaican Jerk Hut!

The Jamaican Jerk Hut was featured in In Her Shoes with Toni Collette and Cameron Diaz. Written by Philadelphia area author Jennifer Weiner, and is the story of two sisters who have many issues, and a wonderful grandmother.

The Jerk Hut is where Rose and her future husband Simon have their first date, then eventually have their wedding.

The Jerk Hut was closed when we went by, which disappointed both of us, as we were talking about eating jerk chicken and fried plantains all morning, but we could get some pictures in the side yard where the wedding scenes were shot.

On our way to the next location, we got the call that my dad was ready to go home, so we were able to get a picture from the distance. in the car. while driving. People weren't liking me too much at that point!

But below Monkey is THRILLED to be shot, somewhat, with the location of a movie favored by primates everywhere...
12 Monkeys!!

While Philadelphia's City Hall has been used in many movies, I knew Monkey would best know 12 Monkeys (starring Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis)!

You can see City Hall centered over monkeys left ear. I told him if he comes back to Philadelphia we'd go and see it up close and personal!

At the hospital, I figured I'd best get Monkey checked out after his recent boo boo at his last stop.
The "solid" docs at Penn Presbyterian gave him the once over...

...and gave him a clean bill of health, and many kudo's to care he received in New York!

After dropping Dad home, I figured while I was in Newtown, I would stop by one of the locations for one of my favorite Philly area movies.


This is a favorite for me because it was based in Newtown, essentially where I grew up, and also because Joaquin Phoenix was so awesome in this movie. Monkey was a little hesitant because he thought he might be scared, but I told him he'd be fine and we'd get some yummy pizza from...

Mom's U-Bake Pizza

Remember when they all went into town and Rev. Graham talked to the crazy girl in the pharmacy, and Morgan bought the book about aliens, and Merrill went to the recruiting office? Afterwards they all met at the pizza shop. It was called something different in the movie, but was shot at Moms.

This is monkey at Moms. You can barely see it, but the plaque on the stool says "Joaquin Phoenix, Signs"...there was one that was Mel's, but someone eating a salad was sitting on that stool.

This is Monkey with a picture of "Mom" and M. Knight Shyamalan.

This is a display set up at Moms. My favorite picture is the one next to Monkey...I'm not sure who they are but they are all sporting aluminum foil hats!

We had so much fun, but now we're on our way back to Chester County, so more from the western suburbs tomorrow!

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