Monday, July 7, 2008

Sail Away on the Island Queen!

Ok, so my big idea to keep it to one post I guess just isn't going to work out! We've been having so much fun together, I'm afraid the one post would just end up being too long :)

We've been tossing around a trip to Martha's Vineyard and have been keeping a sharp eye on the weather. Monkey must have overheard the plans because he was ready to roll with a beach bag bright and early this morning!

Off we all went to the Island Queen Ferry to escort us to the Vineyard in style - monkey got to ride for free!

Here she is coming into Falmouth harbor, monkey is waiting to greet her!

All aboard! Monkey raced to the top level to get a breezy sunny ride. He innocently shoved a few people out of the way to his seat, but the seat he got as a result made it quite worth it!

After a quick 40 minute ride, we arrive in Oak Bluffs. This sign made for a perfect photo op!

First stop in Oak Bluffs - Flying Horses Carousel - The Flying Horses Carousel is the oldest operating platform carousel in America. Arms extended out in the beginning of the ride and you collect metal rings from them and pile them on top of a rod coming out of the horses head. If you get the brass ring (only 2 per ride) you get a free ride :)

Taking a look around inside.... the Flying Horses is a US historical landmark

Monkey rides for Free! We only noticed when we got home the horses ear is unfortunately placed - sorry monkey!

He decides to sit with Ms. C because his arms are not long enough to reach the rings.

Sadly no brass ring for monkey this time. Kay and Kev were winners today though, monkey was so excited for them!!

Off to the MVCMA (Martha's Vineyard Campground Meeting Association) to see the Gingerbread Cottages which have been around since the 1800's - my favorite!!

Monkey insisted these cushions were Lilly Pulitzer, but I wasn't convinced. They sure are cute though. He loves pink and green and requested a photo op in front of the cottage.

Inside the campground tabernacle

Monkey is complaining it is starting to get hot and would like some ice cream. He graciously posed for this last picture and I think it is my favorite!

off we go to get ice cream at Mad Marthas! Monkey likes the idea of the bountiful banana!

He settles on sharing my orange pineapple cone - he's such a good sport, he laughs off the bunny ears!

We simply cannot leave the Vineyard without getting some tasty fudge at Murdicks! We couldn't decide on a flavor so we chose six slices

We were all pretty wiped at this point but we have just missed the 3:45 ferry back and now must wait for the 5:15. Here's a little mosaic of killing time on the Vineyard with some monkey business!!

It was an awesome day! Monkey grabbed a Corona when he got back to my parent's and I haven't seen him since! We'll hit a couple of local hot spots tomorrow and will send him off to his next destination! xo, Brie


lisagh said...

If I've said it once, I'll say it a hundred times, that is one lucky Monkey!

Deb said...


Misplaced Country Girl said...

I love the pic of Monkey standing on his head.

dmmlandcruiser said...

Did Monkey spot the Great White Shark on State Beach??