Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Monkey's Bad Day

It all began like just a regular day. Monkey sat and watched us get ready to bring Daisy to the vet. I told Monkey he could come too. Daisy was very sick last year when we moved here to NYC. When she got weighed the vet said she had gained 13 pounds since she was here last. Some of that weight was because she was so sick...but obviously not all of it. Daisy gets 4 walks a day so I know she is getting enough exercise, but the vet said we should switch her dog food. Daisy and I were both not pleased. I think that is what started this whole thing...

We came back to the apartment and I sat down at the computer to write A an email and tell him about our fat dog. Monkey was still sitting in my Tory Burch bag (he loves that bag). I gave Daisy a chewy (it was the last one for awhile). I looked up about 5 minutes later and Daisy had Monkey by the tail with a small ball of white stuffing in her mouth! I gasped...Daisy bit Monkey! The worst part...she bit him in the butt!! I screamed and yelled, "No Daisy, No Daisy! Monkey isn't a toy!!!!" Monkey was a little frazzled as you can imagine. He thought that Daisy was his friend and here she was biting his bum. I separated the two animals (Daisy in the corner and Monkey to the sofa) and immediately tended to Monkey's bottom. I gave him a temporary safety pin treatment and a couple advil and let him rest. I was in tears and apologized to Monkey a million times. He was so sweet to me and even told Daisy he forgave her.

I called A and told him what our awful bad puppy had done to Monkey. He felt really bad for Monkey, but then starting laughing a little that this would add such an funny part of the story. I did not think it was very funny. I was so upset and I knew poor Lisagh was going to come down from Canada and wring my neck for not being more careful with her precious Monkey. I had been so careful to keep him up high, but in a matter of minutes while I turned my back this accident happened and now I needed to make it better for everyone. After a few hours of worrying what Lisagh would do to me, I sat down to email her about Monkey's emergency. As his guardian, I needed to know if she wanted me to 1) rush him to the nearest emergency seamstress or 2) UPS him back to Canada for some TLC and free Canadian medical care. She was so sweet and understanding and got quite a chuckle out of the fact that Daisy had gone straight for the bum of all places. She told me to find the best emergency seamstress I could find and go ahead and to a little plastic surgery on Monkey to make his butt look the best it could.

Monkey had been in my bed resting this whole time, eating ice cream and having a few cocktails to take the pain away. Silly Monkey asked me if they could take a little "fluff" out to make him look slimmer on the backside. I told him I would see what I could do. I started searching online and discovered there was a seamstress just a few blocks away from our apartment. I took Monkey with me and told the lady I had a very special Monkey that needed help. She examined Monkey and told him that she would need to keep him overnight until Friday. She said she would take very good care of him and make him look almost like new again. I gave Monkey a kiss and told him to feel better. We've been checking on Monkey daily. His surgery is tomorrow so keep him in your prayers for a speedy recovery. I'll keep you updated on his progress. Thank you Lisagh and Monkey for being so understanding that accidents happen. Daisy says she is very, very sorry. She said she'll give her side of the story tomorrow so you can see things from her point of view.

Evidence of Monkey sitting up high away from Daisy---didn't work!!
Poor, Poor Monkey's bum

A temporary solution
Monkey went straight for the cocktails to ease the pain.

Still smiling--such a good sport!

But, my butt hurts!! Ouch!!

Monkey in bed before I took him to the emergency room.

More pics tomorrow of the culprit and where Monkey is staying until Friday.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear! Poor Monkey...poor Daisy...poor YOU! You must have been stressed to the max with pet problems and a hurt Monkey's butt! But accidents happen during travel and I'm glad Lesagh and Monkey were understanding. And just think of the great story Monkey will have to tell his friends when he gets home!!!! So hope you all get some much needed rest tonight and I'm sure Monkey's "surgery" will go well tomorrow.

Sheila from west Michigan

lisagh said...

I'm very proud of the brave little guy and couldn't be happier and more at ease knowing that he has such an excellent and loving caretaker looking after his best interests. If he's going to have reconstructive surgery, where better than glamorous New York City!

Brie said...

Poor monkey, how terrible. He is a real trooper and he's right... it IS 5 o'clock somewhere

Trish said...

Oh my. I'm sure they'll fix him up good as new.

Since Monkey will be heading down to us next month, it's the kind of thing I'll have to think about since we have a chewy dog AND a chewy toddler. Monkey will have to play with the big kids, I think.

KK said...

This has been my biggest fear about Monkey coming to stay with us! I will have to monitor the dog situation b/c my dog LOVES to chew the stuffing out of any plush animal!

You did a great job taking care of him, and I think Lisagh is right - there isn't a better place to have cosmetic surgery than NYC! :)

Siansburys said...

YOWCH! Glad to hear he is OK and WELL DONE, directing him to cocktails!! Anyway, hope the op goes well! Send him my love x

Siansburys said...

Oops wrong id again ^
my computer gets confused

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I am cracking up- that is just too funny! No finer a place to have "a little work done" than the Big Apple! Hope the little guy is feeling better soon.

MMM said...

I just got an update. Monkey came through surgery great and is recovering. They should release him on time tomorrow afternoon. I'll send him all of your well wishes.

Pinky and the Law said...

Poor Poor Monkey, Im sure a boo boo was bound to happen somewhere along the trip and it sounds like he was in great hands when it happened and he had an excellent caretaker, plus plastic surgery in NYC really what a lucky little monkey!

Cindy said...

That last picture is priceless. Almost worth getting bit in the ass by a dog!