Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm a Bad Dog

Dear Monkey,

I'm so sorry that I bit you during your visit to our apartment. I was in a bad mood because the vet told my Mom to switch my favorite food and not give me treats. I had seen my Mom playing around with you the past few days, but I was confused because normally when there are toys I get to play with them immediately and carry them around in my mouth. Sometimes they have these squeakers inside of them and I have a bad habit of opening the toys up to find that squeaker. It's just so much fun to me. Well, since my Mom kept hiding you I figured that she just kept forgetting to give you to me. She forgets a lot of things these days because she is pregnant. I found you in my Mom's purse and decided that I would see if you had a squeaker in you. When you yelped when I bit your butt I felt really bad. My toys don't normally talk back to me. My Mom yelled at me a lot (excuse her language) and called me a bad dog. I still feel really bad, but it was nice of you to forgive me. I'm really a nice golden retriever and I am sorry that you had to have plastic surgery. (But, your bottom sure does look nice) I enjoyed the rest of your stay in our apartment and I hope you'll come back and visit again. I'm so sorry for the pain I caused you and I hope you'll remember the good times in NYC instead of the bad times.

All my puppy love,


Pictures of me hiding under the table after my Mom yelled at me...


Anonymous said...

Oh poor little Daisy! Nothing gets to me as much as a sad doggie. You can tell she really does feel bad about Monkey's bum! Bless her little dog heart.

Sheila from west Michigan

lisagh said...

Daisy, you are the cutest pup ever and I just know Monkey loves you and forgives you!