Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day Two-Monkey In NYC

We woke up on Monday and I had the day off so I could show Monkey around and start packing up my apartment. I wasn't feeling to good and reached for one of my BNatal drops. Curious little Monkey asked what they were and I explained I was having a baby and they helped make me feel better. Really they are just B6 drops so I let Monkey have one. They are green apple flavored and he said they would be much better in banana.

Monkey was so excited about the baby. But, he had lots of questions. I thought Lisagh should be the one to explain all of that to him, so I just explained that the baby was in my tummy. Of course, monkey wanted to check it out. He was so sweet and talked to the baby and said hello.

Monkey LOVED the Ultrasound pictures. Here he is showing one of them for the 1st time.

Later in the day I caught Monkey studying up. Lisagh, better hurry up with that talk. This is one smart and curious Monkey.

Here is Monkey holding ALL the ultrasound pictures!

I decided to have some fun with Monkey and tried on the onsie that my my Mom sent. Monkey approved (and he looks so cute!)
And here he is again in a I LOVE NYC onsie.

Monkey LOVES New York! Here he is being silly!

I received a box of monogrammed towels to replace a few my dryer has destroyed. Monkey LOVED them. He thought the M was for Monkey. I didn't say a word.

Later in the afternoon I took Monkey to the top of our building to get some good city shots and to see all of those big buildings. Here he is with the East River in the background.

Monkey in the City!
I pointed out all the big buildings to Monkey. He was amazed!

We had a great day exploring the city and chatting! More with Monkey tomorrow!

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lisagh said...

What a great view of such a great city. Monkey's grandparents were married there and used to live on Central Park West so I'm sure he feels right at home!