Monday, July 28, 2008

Day One with Monkey

We woke up on Sunday for Monkey's fist full day in NYC.

Here's a pic of Monkey after he freshened up with a shower (he said he didn't mind if I posted this one).

Monkey loves pushing the button to call the elevator!

Monkey also loves riding the elevator down to our lobby!

A had to go to work, so Monkey and I went and got a New York bagel and sat in the park overlooking the East River.

Monkey posing with the NYC Park sign. He's so happy to be in NYC!

We walked around the park and I showed him Gracie Mansion which is the Mayor's house. It is hard to see over the fence, but Monkey climbed up and got a great view.

Monkey loved walking around the Upper East side admiring the brownstones. He took a break on the steps of one of them

Monkey was thirsty after all of that walking around and took a drink of water at the fountain.

Monkey is ready to go for Bruce Springstein! He was so excited to get a lift in my Tory Burch purse.

Monkey showing his ticket to see The Boss at Giant Stadium.

Since it was raining on and off we didn't get too many good pics with Monkey (wanted to make sure he was safe and dry), but Monkey LOVED Bruce and sang along with the best of New Jersey.

We can't wait to explore some more today!!


Brie said...

what a fun day!!!

Insight, Insanity, Imagination said...

I've been keeping up with Monkey for quite a few months now,and he seems to be having so much fun! How does one go about getting Monkey to have a little visit with her? I think Monkey would have a fabulous time in Memphis!