Sunday, July 27, 2008

Backing Up for a Day

Yesterday, I took Monkey with me into Manhattan to meet up with MMM. Monkey was very excited to finally ride the subway - but luckily for him, since he gets a ride in my bag, he didn't have to pay the $2 fare. But he still wanted to hold my Metrocard and try to swipe it:
The train that we took was from Times Square, and it was so crowded! Everyone was out and about, enjoying the day. Times Square has one of the most awesome signs:
The NYC may be hot and has no schedule, but is awesome for two reasons: it's a flat fare whereever you go and it runs 24/7/365. However, we really can't take photos inside, but I was able to sneak one of Monkey on the N/R/Q/W platform (apologies for the blurriness):
And then after climbing down stairs, up stairs and one train transfer, finally we made it to Pinkberry! Yum yum, I think MMM was right - Monkey did enjoy it; I know I have become a recent convert (I really must be living under a rock these days):

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