Sunday, July 27, 2008

Monkey Arrives in the Big Apple!

I met Maria at Pinkberry late yesterday afternoon to pick up our little Monkey. Maria has pictures of Monkey at Pinkberry that she'll post in her last post. Monkey tried my original with kiwi and strawberries and Maria's green tea with raspberries and he was an immediate fan of swirly goodness!

We walked home and I introduced Monkey to Daisy.

Daisy thought monkey was another toy for her collection so Monkey will have to stay up high this week. But, after I explained who Monkey was and where Monkey came from Daisy understood he was a very special visitor and gave him a welcome lick and sniff.

Then, Daisy brought Monkey the toy that her Aunt Lisagh made for her since I told her Monkey lived with Lisagh. Monkey was very impressed.

Monkey was quite thirsty when he arrived and politely asked for a beer. He was excited to try one from the Brooklyn Brewery. He told me about all of the other local brews he has tasted on his trip and we chatted about his great adventures so far.

Monkey heard some sirens and his little ears perked up. I explained to him that he would hear a lot of sirens in the city. He was a curious monkey though and wanted to see what was going on. He discovered it was just another fire truck answering a 911 call at the retirement building across the street.

Monkey admiring the city view from our window.

Monkey could not believe how big the buildings are. I promised him I would show him some even bigger ones this week during his stay.

Monkey LOVED my table setting (also done by his Lisagh). A and I went out to dinner for some Mexican last night and monkey really loved the margaritas.

Monkey asked if he could wear my Bonnanos to dinner and I said of course!

After a great dinner we came back home and Monkey was so sleepy that he curled up on the sofa and went to sleep. He loved using Lisagh's pink and green potholder (the perfect monkey sized blanket). He said it reminded him of home.

Today Monkey is going to go to the park and then to see The Boss at Giant stadium. This Monkey loves his concerts. How many is this now?


lisagh said...

Aw... I can tell you're really making him feel right at home. I love it!

Maria said...

So great to meet up with you yesterday! Monkey looks like he is enjoying Manhattan a lot.