Friday, June 6, 2008

Monkey in the Mountain State

Monkey arrived in Wheeling, WV this morning. I quickly put him to work reading up on Wheeling's history.

I work from home so I went back inside to my desk. When I went out to the porch not ten minutes later to see if my guest wanted a lemonade, this is what I found:

Looks like someone needed a little rest after his Kent State adventure.

Stay tuned for Monkey's Weekend Adventure in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.



lisagh said...

He looks great! I'm glad to see he's having a good time and learning something too.

Cindy said...

He needs a cool drink.

Erika said...

Yay...he arrived on time! Sorry I wore him out. I think he was still feeling the effects of his two-day bender with my daughter's gang of thugs.