Monday, June 9, 2008

Monkey in the Mountain State - Days One and Two

Day One - Wheeling, WV
After Monkey's nap on the porch I introduced him to my sister, Samantha, and my
beagle, Jack.

Jack took an instant liking to Monkey and the two became fast friends. Monkey was even so gracious to share some of his banana with Jack. Jack tried to return the favor, but Monkey was not a fan of Beggin Strips

Later that night Monkey went to see Prince Caspian. We arrived late so we couldn't take any pictures in the theater, but Monkey enjoyed himself. However, he later told my friends that he really wished there had been more monkeys represented in Narnia.

Day Two - Pittsburgh, PA
I had a surprise planned for Monkey. We were taking ROAD Trip. Thank
goodness monkey had his bag already packed. I thought it fit in nicely with all of my bags (yes, I take multiple bags for an overnight trip - don't judge people)

Wheeling is located in the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia - sandwiched between Ohio and Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh is a short hour trip and since I had heard that Monkey really enjoyed his trip to the Cubs game, I made sure we had a seat for him at the Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Arizona Diamondbacks game.

First we stopped at the famous Primanti Bros for lunch.

Primanti Bros is famous for sandwiches that are piled high with coleslaw and french fries. Monkey sampled a few at the table and seemed to really enjoy the Angus.

Next, he posed with the group that joined us for the trip to Pittsburgh.

After lunch we hopped back in the car and arrived at PNC Park.

We took a walk around the stadium and stopped for a picture with a Pirates World Series banner.

After we settled in at our hotel, we joined some friends and spent some time tailgating before the big game. Here's Monkey braving the wind and unbearable heat with Samantha and me.

The game started at 7:05 but it was still 95 degrees. Monkey decided that he wanted to pose with the Pittsburgh skyline.

It was free visor night - so Monkey received a souvenir of his time at the Pirates game. Here he is with Andie and Brian, trying it on for the camera.

Monkey had his own seat but preferred to sit with his new friend, Andie. She made sure his eyes were protected from the sun.

The Pirates ended up losing by one point, but I think Monkey had a good time during his trip to Pittsburgh.

Up next... Day Three - Monkey travels to three states in three days!


lisagh said...

Monkey is becoming quite a sports fan! I love it. You all look like you were having a great time. So nice to see the smiles!

Preppy Engineer said...

How much fun is that! I am originally from you have me craving Primanti Brothers! Root for the Pirates Monkey!

KK said...

I'm SO jealous that Monkey went to Primanti Bros. This southern girl loves that place!!! :)

ElleBee said...

Ooohh...friends took me to Primanti Bros. years ago. The sandwiches were sooo tasty. Of course, it's hard to really rival a Chicago style hot dog from Portillo's, but to each his own! ;)

jilly said...

A french fry sandwich? Looks like he is having SUCH a good time!

Trish said...

So fun to see you guys in the 'Burgh! I'm a Pittsburgher by marriage and have spent more than my fair share of time at Primanti's. YUM!

Meg said...

Okay, so I was thrilled to hear when he arrived that Monkey had made it to my venerable hometown of Pittsburgh. He neglected to share with me the fact that he'd been to Primanti's. He must have known how jealous I'd be.

Dishing It Out said...
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