Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Monkey in the Mountain State - Day Three

Day Three - Pittsburgh, Wheeling, and Barnesville

Monkey read the "Spotlight on Wheeling" pamphlet the entire car ride home from Pittsburgh.

After dropping off the rest of my family, we set out for Monkey's official tour of Wheeling.

We stopped at the Visitor's center to read up on Wheeling's history. I pointed out Wheeling's location on the map and then we discussed the other states Monkey had visited.

This historic mile marker was found along National Road, which runs through Wheeling to Cumberland, Maryland.

Monkey was simply shocked to learn that Wheeling was named for a murder. I assured him that we have a very low crime rate these days.

Next, we headed out to visit the Capitol Music Hall. If any of you are fans of Brad Paisley, he started out performing here. In fact, he was the opening act for my fifth grade musical.

We learned about the Suspension Bridge, which stretches across the Ohio River to connect Wheeling to Wheeling Island.

I'm afraid of heights so I've never walked across it before. Monkey was very brave and asked if we could walk out for a picture.

As if visiting two states in one day wasn't enough, we had a special trip planned to visit Barnesville, OH. Monkey wanted to visit the home of Lisagh's grandparents.

We found this Barnesville church that was built in 1901.

One last quick picture of the Barnesville Fire Department. Monkey wanted to learn more about fire safety during grilling season.

The next morning Monkey left the Mountain State for his next adventure. Come back and visit us again!


Meg said...

What a great tour. I loved reading all about it. It's clear Monkey is enjoying his time with you!

lisagh said...

This was a fabulous leg of the journey! Great documentation.

KK said...

Three states in three days is like a record for this guy. And how cool that you took a picture of Lisagh's grandparents house. That is really awesome!

jilly said...

How cool! I love all of the pictures!