Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A monkey interlude

Since Monkey is frolicking in Michigan (my second favorite state shaped like a hand) right now and I'm sure everyone else is as eager for an update as I am, I thought I'd post some pictures from my final day with Monkey. I just realized I hadn't posted them yet!

I had Monkey for his second Minnesota stop, where he got some book learning in the law library, got his hair done, tried to purify himself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka, and worked hard in the Legal Services Clinic. Monkey was practically a lawyer by the time we were done, and on our last day he decided to go test out his skills in court!

The first thing we did was discuss our upcoming clients for the day. I guess you could say Monkey was a deputy public defender? Lucky for Monkey, his hair doesn't react to the rain quite like mine - which was straight when I left my house, I swear!

After that we went into court to face the music...or the jury box!

Monkey was so confident, he decided he could just do the judge's work for her. There was actually a male judge who will not be named in this courtroom, but he switched out the nameplates for Monkey's debut.

These nice people were doing a survey on our courthouse experience downstairs in the lobby. Monkey and I both agreed that the state needed to add more public defenders. Monkey also felt that there should be an attorney's lounge with bananas.

After all, he was the judge!

Monkey wanted a photo of himself at the first courthouse he appeared in so he could hang it in his new office at Monkey & Associates.

While we were leaving, we were stopped by the police! They wanted to see Monkey's tourist visa! Luckily, his time in the Immigration Clinic paid off and he wasn't detained.

After that, we swung by the office to do some research for the attorneys. Monkey wasn't very impressed by the workspace law clerks get, but he did find somewhere to hang out.

After that, it was bon voyage, Monkey! We took one last photo before going to visit the UPS store to send him off.

I loved having Monkey visit me in Minnesota - it was a really fun way to spend my last days there! I hope we get some more updates on Monkey soon!


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lisagh said...

YAHOO! Something, anything about the Monkey. Finally. I'm so happy to see him again.

K - you're the best! Thank you so much. (I'm wearing the pjs right this very minute.)

Anonymous said...

Hint hint...

Cindy said...

I'm relieved to know our justice system is in such good hands.