Friday, April 25, 2008

rain, rain, go away, you make it hard for Monkey to play

Monkey was starting to learn his way around the Legal Services Clinic, so he thought he'd fill in for one of our awesome assistants and handle things up front for a bit.

All our Immigration clients made Monkey aware of new countries he could visit, so he decided to check out the globe and see where to go...he decided on Chicago for now!

Monkey then decided to pretend he was a supervising attorney, and peer in through the windows to make sure the students were working hard. He also thought he'd take that time to do a little stretching.

Then he decided that he wanted to peer out on the students from a higher vantage point.

But that wasn't high enough...oh, here we go! I can swing freely and see what's going on!

He stopped into a clinic fellow's office to visit this lovely lady...

...and our office manager's office, to say goodbye to his furry friends!

Then he went to get lunch at Food for Thought, where Chris (who I like to think is my personal chef) was happy to pose with our traveling friend!

While Monkey ate lunch, Amanda decided to model her graduation hat.

Monkey was so jealous of this awesome hat (and loved all the work he did all week!) that he decided he just had to go to law school, so he went to see Pete the security guard and find out how he could take a tour!

Ted the custodian was happy to give Monkey a ride on the cart and point out the business school setting up for an event.

Monkey says "The business school having an event in the law school during the finals study period is wrong! Just wrong!"

Nine out of ten law students agreed, so Monkey took his case to court. Moot court!

After arguing his case, Monkey noticed a jungle theme going on, and swung by to say hi! (Thanks for the help, Bridget!)

Sir Thomas More stands outside the moot courtroom. It's tradition for students to rub his foot for good luck on their exams.

Monkey apparently managed to get an extra blessing as well!

He was feeling faithful, so he decided to go to the chapel and pray for safe travels...

but only after blessing himself, like a respectful Catholic Monkey!

While in the chapel he stopped to check out the artwork...

and then it was off to Wisconsin for an awards banquet in the rainy, rainy weather.
Monkey got restless sitting in St. Paul traffic and started hopping about the car. I should have brought his backpack for a snack.

If you look very closely in the left of this picture, you'll see a "now entering Wisconsin" sign. It was too rainy to safely stop and take a picture. :(

In Wisconsin we have two seasons: Winter and Construction.

Monkey couldn't come into the awards banquet because there were too many cops there who might be suspicious of a Canadian, so he was eager to get back on the road and leave Eau Claire!

If you have supersonic x-ray vision, you might be able to see the sign for the last Wisconsin exit. I sure can't, but that's what this is!

Monkey had enough of all our driving (and the rain! it never stopped!) so he decided to sleep the rest of the way home.

Up next: for his last day in Minnesota, Monkey goes to court!

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lisagh said...

Love that pic of him in Moot Court - very official!