Wednesday, April 30, 2008

monkey has landed - Naperville, IL

Look what I just came home to:
My package from j.crew, and a sizable box from MN...which I knew could mean only one thing,
Monkey Is Here!

Immediately I ripped open his box, dug him out of his confines, and gave him a proper hug, welcoming him to Naperville, IL. At that precise moment our friendly neighborhood mailman, Juan, arrived. Time for the first photo op of this tour...out Monkey went into the sunshine for a quick hug with our tireless mail carrier!

When he came back inside, Monkey asked me about box #2, so I showed him my shorts. I neglected to mention to you yesterday that there were actually 2 pairs ordered...the blue & orange, and also the light pink with green shamrocks. I asked Monkey what he thought of them (we hardly know each other yet I'm anxious already for his approval):

He seems especially smitten with the crazy print. No surprise there!

We don't have much time before I head out again on my next leg of errands. So even though Monkey asked me for "a stiff drink", the best I could manage on such short notice was a crisp Diet Coke. With his sandwich, banana, and cupcake, I think he'll be Ok for now. The stronger stuff will just have to wait.

We are off to pick up the kids at school and get their haircut! Monkey seemed a little disappointed at first to find out that he's landed in a suburb of Chicago and that we are far from the hustle & bustle of city life. But I think I can show him a good time.
More to come!


Brie said...

welcome to Il monkey! He's stylin for sure amongst the great MacKenzie Childs decor!

lisagh said...

I'm just thrilled to bits to see he made it safely. Can't wait to see what you do together!

five tomatoes said...

Hooray, I'm so glad he made it! I hope you two have fun together!

Preppy Engineer said...

I am excited about the next stop on his adventure!

tommie said...

he is loving those orange shorts!

and I am loving those canisters.

BTW, I should email you, we are looking at a home in the old historic district of the next town we are moving to this summer. I am skeered! It is almost 60 years old, but I really like it!

a. said...

I love the picture of Monkey hugging the shorts.

Julia said...

Am I the only one who thought the postal carrier was hot?! :: rechecks picture ::