Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Monkey is here!

Good morning from Minnetonka! Monkey and I have been have been leading a pretty exciting life since I picked him up from My Outside Voice on Monday night. I'm graduating from law school soon, so our first stop was naturally the law library.

Here's Monkey with Mary, aka Mad Dog. She's one of the law librarians at my law school. I think when you're a Monkey in a strange land, it's important to know where to go in order to get any of your research questions answered!

Monkey figured that once he met Mary and knew how to research, he better get down to work, so he went off in search of a study room, where we found my friend Amanda hard at work on a take-home final exam for her Wrongful Convictions class. Monkey thought that the plight of wrongfully imprisoned people was pretty important, but he seemed pretty annoyed that when he was handed off to me, we didn't let him have any drinks at the bar...

Monkey tried to break into Amanda's travel mug, but he didn't find anything tasty to drink....

He decided he would just borrow her crackberry to check emails until I was ready to go home. He looked pretty annoyed that third-year students were still in the library.

I was pretty annoyed too, so we went home for a little while. I went to run errands at Target but it was raining so I didn't bring Monkey - I would hate for him to catch a cold when he has so much traveling to do still!

I'll post about our Tuesday doings later - they involve a visit to a legal clinic where Monkey worked hard on applying for dual citizenship in the US since he already likes it here so much and then we went to get our hair done! I know Preppy Engineer was concerned Monkey would need pampering since he had such a busy weekend, so I tried to do my best!

-Five Tomatoes


lisagh said...

Yahoo! It'd be great if he could have dual citizenship. His grandfather and 2 of his uncles are American so it would be perfect!

tommie said...

cute bag!!

five tomatoes said...

That cute bag is Amanda's - I gave it to her for a birthday present right after she got married.