Friday, May 2, 2008

2 quiet afternoons - Naperville, IL

I said at the end of my last post that Monkey was going to spend some time in the sun, but it seems as soon as I said that it got a little cloudy outside. No matter, we still have been having fun, and I hope he agrees.

The thing is, we don't live in Chicago and we do have 2 little people in the house, so I couldn't take Monkey clubbing like he asked to do last night, and renting steamy videos at Blockbuster is a little out of the question. I'd say all in all that he is being a real trooper about it. I mean, what he's been up to over the past 24 hours is a whole lotta this:

Hanging out with my boys!

Who seem delight in his every move.

This morning Thomas woke up and went off to his little program again, and so Monkey was left without one of his playmates. Then it started to rain, which was quite a bummer.

On top of that, Bobby seems to have come down with a cold, so he stayed home today. A little while ago the three of us had lunch together.

I am not sure what the rest of the day will bring, but my hunch is that it may continue to be a low-key afternoon. For all his naughty ways, Monkey has turned out to be a very easy houseguest, and I'm grateful that he's adjusted his expectations so well to the situation.
Up next: Monkey's final entry from Naperville, IL!


a. said...

I think Meg might be purchasing her own Monkey soon, your boys will be suffering from Monkey withdrawl!

tommie said...

I was thinking the same thing a. said. I bet there a monkey soon in the Meg household.

Preppy Engineer said...

Everyone need a little down time. He has been so busy!

Julia said...

I bet Monkey was due for a quiet afternoon! I was exhausted just watching him on his excursions!