Thursday, May 1, 2008

Monkey visits Wrigley Field

Monkey woke up this morning at 10:30. I heard him come in late last night, and I knew he had a good time from what Rob told me. But I guess I didn't realize just how good. After popping a couple aspirin and gulping down a cold banana shake, he seemed to feel better. Together we looked at the pictures he took at the game, and he started to tell me about the night... * * *

Monkey, Rob, and Ryan left the house at 5:30 p.m. and arrived just ahead of the 7:05 start time. So that's a long time in the car. Rob said Monkey was pretty good during the long trip. He didn't care for the traffic, but it was only towards the end that he started getting a little restless. He told the guys that he couldn't wait to get inside and "throw back a cold one".

When they arrived at the park, Monkey was feeling good. Having only seen the Cubs on TV, Monkey didn't know what the crowd would be like.

But then he noticed the alligator...

and he knew he'd fit right in.

Friendly confines indeed!
Once inside, the guys found their seats and settled in. It was a beautiful night in Chicago, and Monkey was lovin the atmosphere. He started ordering up beer & hotdogs and introducing himself around to the pretty ladies nearby.
It wasn't long before the Cubs had the lead. Monkey loved it! As he told me - Wrigley is classic, just being there was a good time. But being there when the Cubs were winning and the crowd was feeling good? Fantastic! He started drinking a bit more.

and a bit more...

And even more.

Rob said he really was a good little Monkey. But you know how it goes when you've overserved yourself. He probably didn't realize his shouts and catcalls were getting so loud. Next thing they knew, the usher paid a visit to our little friend. He was stern. He told Monkey, it's either your ass on the seat, or on the street!!!!!

(hmmm...Monkey wondered, what's out on the street?)

I don't think he liked the reprimanding, and he might have even left at that point. Except just then he spotted a flash of blue and red out of the corner of his eye, heard a female giggle and caught a whiff of sweet perfume. It seems a gaggle of hairdressers from Wisconsin, all just a few seats away, were suddenly interested in our little Monkey. whoo hoo!

He sat with the girls for the rest of the game. They scratched him behind his ears and called him their little pet. They bought him some crackerjack and held him up so he could see the runs batted in. They asked if he'd go with them to the Cubby Bear afterwards. He loved it, as you can imagine! Fortunately for us, he kept his wits about him and returned to Rob and Ryan, just as the crowd was standing to leave.

Good thing, too. Rob and Ryan were watching out for Monkey. On the way back through the park entrance, they spotted someone who they thought Monkey should meet. Turns out a group of Canadians were in town and their Canadian Beaver had also made a trip to watch the ballgame. Beaver and Monkey were thrilled to have found each other and posed happily for a pic.
All in all, Monkey said it was a great night. He says he can now see what the fuss is about Wrigley & the Cubs. Once you go, you just know...

Up next, Monkey spends some time in the sun!


a. said...

OMG that was great. Monkey's hosts/hostesses have been generous with the beer! I love the picture with the hairdressers from Wisconsin and the Canadian Beaver. Too funny.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I hope I have enough energy and beer to keep up with Monkey when he comes to visit me.

tommie said...

oh my gosh, your husband is such a good sport to take Monkey to a game AND take all those pics....well, he just rocks!

Looks like he had a good time, especially when he hooked up with his Candadian beaver.....LOL

jilly said...

In Vegas at the moment, following along with Monkey's journey, oh my goodness, what a good time, and what a great couple of guys to show him around!!!!

BTW-I love your boys hair, the curls are too much!

Looking forward to more updates!!!!

Julia said...

Beware the Canadian beaver, Monkey. LOL. Nothing but trouble!