Sunday, May 4, 2008

goodbye Naperville

It rained the last day of Monkey's visit, but we found ways to keep him busy indoors. We had only a few short hours on Saturday before he was to depart, but there were still lots of things to do at our house before he left.

First, he spent some time on the computer, checking out his favorite blogs (Thomas helped him with the mouse):
Then he enjoyed a leisurely breakfast of pancakes, made by moi:
He spent some time with our resident monkey, known around here as Curious George:

Then had a real pow-wow with all the stuffed friends. The door was closed so I couldn't hear everything that they were talking about, but I'm pretty sure at one point Monkey was giving them the info on how to obtain a passport. Never realized any of them were interested in that sort of thing.

Bobby showed Monkey some of the fun websites he has found through

And then gave him an opportunity to sample life on the top bunk:

Soon enough it was time to say goodbye. As I gathered his things together and got his suitcase ready, the boys gave him one last hug goodbye. As you might have expected, there were some tears.
But also smiles from having made a new (international no less!) friend.

Goodbye, Monkey! We loved having you and wish you all the best as you travel along on your exciting adventure. Bon Voyage from all of us here at the Little Cottage!


jilly said...

Oh it looks like he had such an awesome time! You have two of the cutest boys ever, it just melts my heart every time I see their smiles from ear to ear. Knowing they have one of the best moms ever only adds to that. What a lucky little monkey to have gotten to stop in during his trip and meet such special people like you!


Cindy said...

That hug at the end says it all! Yummy!

Kerry said...

So fun! I am getting excited for our visit!