Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Monkey's Preliminary Itinerary

So far we have 46 confirmed stops on Monkey's Spring Getaway. You can see from the map above (click to enlarge) that most of his travels will be focused on the east coast. But he will head as far west as Portland, Berkeley and Las Vegas! There's even been an offer to take him to Scotland, and seeing that he is British (you did know that didn't you?) I would love it if he'd be able to go back to his homeland. All in all, I think he's going to have a most delightful time.

Just a reminder: if you left a comment that said you'd like to be a hostess, but didn't send me an email, I don't have your postal information and Monkey has no way of finding you. Please email me your info! And I have to make one special request: Kerry, won't you please take in my monkey? I'd love him to see Annapolis and go out on the Chesapeake Bay: places that I hold so dear in my heart.

I'll take names/addresses until the end of the day today, will put together the final itinerary on the weekend and he'll be off to his first stop on Monday, April 14th (which coincidentally is my 2-year Blogiversary, so I think it's a perfect day to set sail.) I'm going to try to arrange it so nobody has too long a distance to post from one stop over to another.

Thanks so much to everyone for playing along - I can't wait to see his many adventures. From the number of participants, I can envision this going well into the summer. Yahoo! This is going to be fun!

. . .

Here's the list of confirmed destinations (in no particular order):
Clermont, FL
St. Petersburg, FL
Boston, MA
East Elmhurst, NY
New York, NY
Morristown, NJ
Oreland, PA
Suwanee, GA
Savannah, GA x 2
Mount Pleasant, SC
Las Vegas, NV
Minneapolis, MN
Harker Heights, TX
Oklahoma City, OK
Kent, OH
Romeoville, IL
Defiance, MO
Woodbury, MN
Charlotte, NC
Richmond, VA
Greensboro, NC x 2
Portland, OR
Brandon, FL
Goose Creek, SC
Wheeling, WV
Mantoloking, NJ
Annapolis, MD
Westland, MI
Lookout Mountain, TN
West Chester, PA
Olathe, KS
New Gloucester, ME
Berkeley, CA
Bridgehampton, NY
Fredericksburg, VA
Naperville, IL
Kansas City, KS
Dallas, TX
Bothell, WA
Raleigh, NC
Minnetonka, MN
Palm Springs, CA
Johnson City, TN
Washington, DC

(25 out of the 50 states... that's 1/2 of the good ol' USA - not bad, huh?!)

. . .


five tomatoes said...

I can't wait to show monkey around Milwaukee!

tommie said...

I am so excited....this should so much fun!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait! Monkey is going to have a blast in Vegas!!

Stefanie said...

THIS IS SO COOL! It's like Flat Stanley, but preppy!

jilly said...

Uh-oh I get him after he has been to Vegas, now remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Trish said...

Monkey is going to looooove the beach! Hope he likes it hot - the weather, that is.

a. said... that Monkey is going to be a celeb I better think of somewhere great to take him!

Preppy Money Penny said...

Hi ladies--who is in Suwanee, GA? I live in Suwanee and would love to have a preppy get together with you and Monkey!

indycitygirl said...
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indycitygirl said...

I just had to erase the last comment because my fingers wont type lol,so who else is in Savannah?? We can have our quality time with Monkey then pass him since there will be two of us!!

lisagh said...

indycitygirl - I'm sending out an itinerary with all the stops in order and you can def. meet up for a hand off if you'd like. All the instructions will be included, but I'll keep personal info as private as possible.

FYI - there's 2 Savannahs and 2 Greensboros.

Amy said...

Can't wait to show Monkey around OKC. If he's lucky, we'll have tornado watches, hail storms, floods, sunshine, and 20 degree temperature changes the couple of days he's here :)

Julia said...

Recently did: Balboa Island (LOVE IT), Newport Beach, Long Beach and Los Angeles.

Washington state will make you weep for your Manitoban existence. You know I am worse off in Blechy Old Ottawa, so don't hate!

Oh Lord, why do I live here?

Highly recommended. Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible with your monkey.

California trip changed my life (I went in February). Never quite been the same and now resent living in frigid Canada. Oh well -- you've been forewarned.


Julia said...

Oh dear, sorry you aren't accompanying monkey. That sucks! I was terribly jealous of your trip. Poor monkey flying solo via UPS?

Seriously, girl, that is the smartest idea ever! Kind of reminds me of that x-country CBC stuffed animal recently. Too funny.

Hey, if monkey wants to see the Parliament Buildings, let me know. I promise he won't be allowed to touch the Peace Flame.


Shabbee Chick said...

I wanna play! HOW FUN!