Monday, April 6, 2009

Monkey's Big Weekend

Monkey had an action packed weekend! Friday night he accompanied me to a Braves exhibition game.

We were able to get a few quick shots around the stadium.

This is a tribute to Hank Aaron's home run record.

And for Baseball fans, my husband had Monkey recreate the "Sid slide" play...whatever that means. :)

Saturday Monkey found himself road tripping it with us. My husband is part of a mentor program for "at risk" youth. He had to go to a training session in Fort Stewart, GA. Monkey tagged along. And witnessed history.

Monkey witnessed me getting my first ever speeding ticket. SIGH. I'm not even a speeder, but I was on this road for 30 minutes with nothing in sight. I just wasn't paying attention and went a little over the speed limit. Which is a no-no on base. Monkey and my husband had a great laugh over this one.

Monkey on base at the youth academy.

Once we left the base, we went to Savannah for a little getaway. I know, Monkey already visited Savannah.

He still had fun, especially hanging out on the hotel balcony!

Back in Atlanta, we visited a few fun spots in downtown.

Here is a view of downtown.

The CNN Center as seen from Centennial Olympic Park.

Centennial Olympic Park.

The Georgia Aquarium.

The Coke Museum.

Another one in the city.

So today Monkey is a bit tired and will spend the day resting before he heads off to Tennessee.

I may sneak in one more photo session with Monkey and Winston! :)

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dmmlandcruiser said...

Didn't that officer know you had a real honest to goodness celebrity in the car???