Sunday, February 15, 2009

What fun we had with Monkey yesterday. Here's how it all began.

As you can see, everyone was very excited when the package came in the mail. We knew it was Monkey, so we worked quickly to free him from his traveling case.

Bootsy wasn't told that Monkey was coming so she was very surprised.
She was so anxious that she climbed up on the table for a better look (naughty Bootsy).
The first thing Monkey did was take a look around. We went outside and introduced him to the birds.
Then Monkey decided to check out Bootsy's house. (No Monkey! Don't go in there!!). Suffice it to say, Bootsy was not pleased and asked Monkey to leave her house.
A motorcycle ride was one of our planned activities. Monkey was so excited that he immediately rushed outside and started polishing the bike so he could go on his ride.
Monkey didn't have any riding gear, but we were happy to loan him a hat and goggles.
Monkey climbed on the back of the bike in anticipation of his long-awaited ride.
What Monkey didn't realize is that there would be a rider in front of him. He thought he was going to do the driving! (Yeah right, Monkey -- you can't even reach the pegs).
Monkey really wanted to see the sites, so he climbed on front, I belted him in and they took off.
Wow! They really were really moving when they came around that corner!
Monkey really looks like he enjoyed that ride.
Of course, the first thing Monkey asked for when they returned was a cold beer. Actually, he asked for a "cold one." (Apparently, Monkey is well versed in biker talk.) Luckily, I knew that Monkey would ask for a beer so I had plenty in the refrigerator just waiting for him. What I didn't know is that Monkey is a light-weight. One beer and he was asking me to pull his finger.After his beer, Monkey climbed onto the wall unit for a little R&R, without a dog sniffing his heiny. (Gee Monkey, I wonder why the dog kept sniffing your heiny. Perhaps you played a little too much "pull my finger"??)
Eventually, he came down from there since the recliner looked so inviting.
Riding takes a lot out of you, so everyone turned in early.
Monkey tried to talk to Bootsy, but all she wanted to do was sniff his head.
Having had enough of the sniff test, Monkey climbed up to the top of the headboard for some well deserved rest.
Money, you sure are a fun house guest!


BLC :o said...

Omg ... you girlies know that this is the funniest thing EVER. His carrying case ... toooo cute!!!! Love love love reading about M! Xoxo-BLC

lisagh said...

That hat and goggles are the BEST!!! Love love love it. Stylin' in FLA.

Mel said...

LOVE the photo of Monkey polishing the bike. Love it!!

jilly said...

That monkey sure is getting around! Looks like he is really livin it up in FLA!

Midge said...

Good to see Monkey getting a little adventure!

Ned said...

I love this post!