Wednesday, December 10, 2008

house party

Look what I found when I got home.

I knew monkeys liked to climb trees, but didn't know how much they liked Christmas trees. Unfortunately, my friend helped me put the lights on, but so far, no such luck on the decorations. (Jack couldn't resist trying on the christmas tree skirt.)

Later, Monkey wanted to visit Jack. Jack warned him about his previous relationship with monkeys. It's not that he's mean. He just loves too much.

Monkey couldn't resist though. Jack invited him in and was very polite. He showed him around his little apartment and invited him to spend the night.

Looks like the boys had a fun evening.


J said...

Awww, Jack and Monkey are so cute together!

lisagh said...

I think Monkey was teasing ol' Jack by hanging over his apartment like that. But Jack's good charm won him over in the end. What great pals!