Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Monkey's Day at the Beach

HI guys, monkey has been trapped inside my camera for the last few days. I left my USB cable at the office and decided to pick it up this morning so I could get some monkey talk your way! It was a pretty calm visit that he had here in Boston. I really am bummed out that he could not make it to the parade for the Celtics. I think he would have had a great time swinging from the lamp posts had he gone! Instead, Monkey was invited to a six year old's garden birthday party. He had a great time there despite the 87 degree temps!! Monkey and the girls had a blast dancing with the two dance leaders. He then scoped out the party table that had some groovy things on it like edible bubbles (cherry flavor), huge lollipops, and great goodie bags although Monkey will always be partial to his monogrammed backpack!

After leaving Weston where the birthday party was, we had to trek all the way to Plymouth, Mass home of the pilgrims. A long car ride for Monkey and Madigan. They passed the time together by watching Barnyard. About an hour and half later, we reached our destination for a beach day with my friends that I've had since Kindergarten and all of their children.

It was a perfect beach day and Monkey wasted no time in checking out the view

Then it was down the 300 steps (more likely 40 steps) to have some fun in the sun and feel the sand between our toes. Madigan was very protective of Monkey because most of the kids were 4 and under. Also, Ruby the Black Lab was there and we did not know if Monkey would be carried off into the sunset in her mouth. Monkey found a great spot to catch some rays and then he was off to Boogie Board school. We played and played and played and as the sun was setting, monkey wanted to try to get that perfect shot with the girls on the rocks. You can tell that everyone had a fantastic time with each other and especially Monkey.


lisagh said...

What a great couple of days! I think he looks just dashing on that boogie board! I'm so glad he found a new hobby!

Misplaced Country Girl said...

This was a great adventure. Can't wait to see what's next!