Thursday, May 1, 2008

afternoon delight - Naperville, IL

When we last left off, Monkey and I were just going out the door to do our afternoon errands. This is how the afternoon played out.

First, we hopped right in the car. Monkey was surprisingly compliant with the seat belt. After seeing what happened when he was with Five Tomatoes, I thought for sure he'd insist on riding on top of the dashboard. But nope, right in the seat, quiet as a mouse. Maybe he was still feeling a bit weary from the travel and didn't have much fight in him - yet?
First stop, picking up Thomas at Kids Day Out. Thomas was delighted to meet Monkey! And so were Miss Mary and Miss Lisa. They asked if he was related to Flat Stanley. Monkey just snorted and rolled his eyes.
We wandered down the hall to see Miss Ginna, who was also excited to meet Monkey. She and Thomas showed him a certain steering wheel toy that is a big hit with the tots in the Ladybug Room. Again, Monkey surprised me. He seemed genuinely interested in playing along for a few minutes. He was quite tender and sweet, making me doubt some of the stories I had heard and read about him.

Our next stop was kindergarten, where we picked up Bobby. We got there a few minutes early and Monkey scampered up the tree so he could get a better look at the kids coming out. Not sure where he picked up the sunglasses, I don't remember them from his box that arrived today. hmm.

Bobby and Monkey had what you'd call an immediate bond. Mrs. Flack, who had been standing nearby when they made their introductions, came over and started reminiscing about her own sock monkey from a childhood long long ago. Monkey listened patiently to her but kept his eyes focused on sweet Bobby.

I told the kids (and Monkey) that it was time for a haircut, and off to the car we went.

Lucky for us, the hair cut place is right in downtown Naperville, just a hop, skip & a jump from school.

Since we got there a little early, I had all three guys pose for me in front of a mural that shows places of note in and around Naperville:

Monkey (who I think was still a little surprised that he was here instead of Chicago) said at least he could see he had landed in a place that appreciates history and art. I had no idea he was into either...I guess I have misjudged him.

After the photos there was no time to waste. Time for our appointments! Monkey was nearly dragged along in the kids' excitement.

In case you aren't familiar with it already, Cookie Cutters is a salon where kids can watch movies while they are getting their hair cut. They also get to sit on the car of their choice. Did I say car? Motorcycles, too.

Monkey really liked watching the kids enjoy themselves so much. And he got all rosy cheeked when the stylist told him that he was well groomed. It's clear he takes a lot of pride in his appearance.

At the end it was time for a balloon! Monkey was gracious and offered to help out.

In fact, he was so helpful he ended up getting a balloon himself. What a nice Monkey! Such good manners.

On our way home, I tried to point out various streets and intersections in Naperville's downtown area.

Monkey seemed pretty content to look out the window and listen while I showed him the highlights. I heard him cluck his tongue when we drove by Talbots and I think he muttered something under his breath about mom jeans while we were waiting for an entourage of strollers to cross the street. Then he asked where the closest hookah bar is and whether we had a Hooters in town. With the kids in the backseat I couldn't really get into explaining why we don't have either.

Back at home it was time to make our plans for the evening. I told Monkey he had a choice between 2 options: attend a baby shower with me & the neighborhood girls at our friend's house, or head downtown to see the Cubs play with my husband Rob and his friend Ryan. He thought about it.

But it wasn't a surprise to see him climb inside the backpack headed for Chicago.

I knew Rob & Ryan would show him a good time. And I knew he'd love Wrigley Field!

Up next: Monkey watches the Cubs beat the Brewers!


a. said...

What fun! Monkey is going to have some ballpark tour - good thing he is making the rounds in the spring/summer!

ElleBee said...

Well, I see that you've introduced Monkey to the fun that is Chicago baseball. Maybe you should warn him to be prepared, however. His next stop is home to the REAL Chicago team, the 2005 World Series Champion Chicago White Sox! :) Can't wait for his visit!

tommie said...

First- I love those flowers by the school.

The boys are adorable! I love the matching shirts.

He surely had fun at the game!

lisagh said...

This is GREAT! And I love that the whole family is getting in on the fun.