Sunday, April 13, 2008

Farewell, My Hometown

I spent my last day in Winnipeg with Lisagh and Audra touring around. Our first stop was to say farewell to the Golden Boy on top of the Manitoba Legislative building.

Having a seat on the stairs outside the Legislative Building. I feel like "I'm Just a Bill" in this one.

We decided to go inside and the security guard had to sign us in and give us Visitor's Passes.

Of course, I had to pose with the majestic Manitoba buffalo. I call him "Buffy".

I know this is supposed to be a Very Serious Place to Be, but once a monkey, always a monkey!

The inside of the dome in the Legislature is so lovely!

Hide and seek, anyone?

Then we went over to the Forks Market: a historic site in Winnipeg where the two rivers meet.

I went straight for the bananas, naturally.

And then had my portrait taken with a cardboard Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer. I have the ol' salute down pat!

Sitting up on the observation deck, soaking in the sun and admiring the people down below. There's still ice and snow on the Assiniboine River.

On the other side of the observation deck, you can see the city buildings.

After walking around for a while, we had to stop for a refreshment. Of course, I enjoyed a Fort Garry Dark: brewed right here in Winnipeg.

On our way out, I hopped on a caboose from one of the old CN trains. All aboard!

Then I stopped for a little rest at the entrance to the French part of town. Behind me is the Provencher bridge.

Here I am at the St. Boniface Cathedral.

And paying respect at the grave of Mr. Louis Riel.

Across from the Cathedral, you can see the city from north to south along the Red River.

And in this area of the city, all the street signs are bilingual: French and English!

Then we drove to Confusion Corner. It's reputably the most convoluted intersection in all of North America. (Can you tell I look confused?)

And our last stop was to the famous B.D.I. - The Bridge Drive Inn: Home of the Creamiest Shake in Town.

I had a lovely last day here in Winnipeg and I'm almost ready to head off to my first destination on my Spring Getaway. Stay tuned for many adventures to come!

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Maria said...

I never knew that Winnepeg has both French and English signs, I thought only Quebec had them (my mom is from Montreal and I actually became a Canadian through her - I remember lots of trips as a kid going up there and seeing both French and English signs right and left).

tommie said...

What a great tour of Monkey's stomping grounds!

Suz said...

Have a great trip, Monkey!!! Thanks for bringing us along on your hometown tour.

WSU Laura said...

A nice way to start the trip. I am excited to see Monkey is old enough to drink alcohol, might have to throw a wine-tasting trip on his visit at the end of his cross-country adventure.

jilly said...

I am so glad you had such a wonderful last day! I am ready for you here in Minnie, the welcome banners are up and the bands are ready to welcome you!

cape cod mermaid said...

Bon Voyage Monkey! Hope to meet you in Boston!

Lisagh, heard you on the internet radio broadcast - you were great!!

Joy said...

You were fabulous on the radio show! Let's get Monkey on his way.

MMM said...

Loved seeing Monkey's hometown. We can't wait to have you to NYC!

Emily said...

Winnipeg is so pretty! I can't wait to see all of Monkey's travels!

Rob said...

Hey Monkey! Check out Harold Monkee on Facebook. He was in Winnipeg last year and now lives in England. He had great adventures in North Dakota as well. He is a rather well travelled monkey. Maybe you two should get together.

Mad About Plaid Girl said...

You are officially crazy and I LOVE IT!