Thursday, February 18, 2010

Monkey see Canada win curling!

What is this game where people slide on ice, throw rocks at each other while yelling at people sweeping the ice with brooms to hurry! hard! ? It's Curling!

They're lining up: USA versus Denmark; Russia versus Great Britain; Japan versus China, and; Canada versus Germany...

Here are some ladies who were cheering for Japan. Monkey doesn't read Japanese.

There's the Canadian skip (she's the boss)

And here's Canada lining up a shot.

Canada won! Boy was the crowd ever loud when they did. Monkey was also cheering for Japan and USA, but they both lost. But Monkey's birthplace Great Britain won - Yaaay!


Brie said...

Great pics! Glad you are all having fun!

Anonymous said...

Where is the pic of that awesome couple wearing tights??!!