Friday, February 19, 2010

Monkey on the waterfront

Monkey on a bit of a wander along Vancouver's seawall.

Line up was too long to go into Ontario's 4D pavilion experience.

We went into Maison du Québec: le bon fromage ici, mais qui est cet homme? Il effraye le singe.

Molson Canadian Hockey House... an entire pavilion dedicated to hockey and beer. Go Canada!

Visited the friendly folk at Saskatchewan's pavilion, and got a green screen photo with Gainer the Gopher, the Saskatchewan Roughriders' mascot – he wasn't really there, it's magic. (Doesn't it look like Audra's wearing a crown?)

Met some people from the Russian Republic who threatened to wrap monkey up in their flag and take him back home. Net!

After the Russian incident, Monkey needed to relax and meditate in the shadow of one of the hundreds of mini Inukshuks along the False Creek bank.

Across from Science World (Socci Russian Republic Pavilion) and the Athlete's Village.

Um, excuse me? Did Monkey fly away from the winter olympics to a tropical locale? Nope. Still in Vancouver. In February. For the WINTER Olympics. (Where's my sunscreen?)


lisagh said...

I've always been jealous of that Monkey, but now it's almost like torture! What a great time he's having.

Mummie Lynda said...

Where's monkey now???