Sunday, May 24, 2009

While in transit...

While Monkey is in transit, I will post his visit recap that is long overdue. My house was the first stop in the Sunshine State for our little Monkey.

The photo above is Monkey at Dinosaur World...ok, truth be told, we were at the winery down the road and only stopped for this photo. Didn't want mama Lisagh to think he was with lushes right off the bat.

The next day....we were off to the Super Bowl...yep, that Super Bowl. Monkey made friends with some bar patrons while we were at a pre-game pep rally for the Cardinals. Middle photo is me, Monkey and Barb on the right. No idea who those guys are with Monkey (no worry Lisagh I was standing guard).

After a weekend of fun, it was back to home and at the office. Having an extra set of hands around was nice. Monkey meeting some of the family residents. The horse is Jolene, and this alpaca is Zorro. He was Monkey's favorite. Monkey wasn't too keen on farm chores, he really just like riding in the hay wagon.

We definitely rewarded Monkey for all of his hard work...what would Florida be without relaxing in the sun right? Note the golden retriever in photo below. Monkey was a little on edge.

Monkey decided swimming was in order, until he checked the pool temperature. He may be Canadian, but he's still not swimming when the water wasn't even 70 degrees. The lounge chair suited him just fine!
Lisagh, thanks for letting Monkey visit with us. He came at a time when work was hectic and we had a death in the family, but he was a nice distraction for a few days. Oh, and he'd like to know if you will be sending him back next winter ; )


Together We Save said...

Fun post.

Katy said...

I would love to have Monkey come visit us. How do I get in on this? :-D