Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lookout Mountain Railway Incline

Lookout Mountain is a beautiful place to live , but it is also a tourist mecca!
PE boy and I took in the sights with Monkey today after his baseball game.
First stop was the Lookout Mountain Incline Railway
The Incline is listed as a National Historic Site as well as a National Historical Mechanical Engineering Landmark. It was built in 1895. It is referred to as the "Most Amazing Mile". It runs from St. Elmo up Lookout Mountain. Monkey enjoyed the view form the observation deck of Chattanooga.
This is a view of downtown Chattanooga and the Tennessee River.

We stopped in the gift shop and picked up a few goodies from Lookout Mountain to send to Lisagh to thank her letting Monkey come stay with us for a few days

Next stop Rock City Gardens...

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lisagh said...

This Monkey is getting such a wonderful look at everything the great USA has to offer. What a lucky guy!