Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Welcome to Kentucky, little Monkey

Monkey, welcome to Kentucky! We are so excited to be your next host on Monkey's big adventure. After uncurling himself from his box, I turn around to see him heading for the door. I guess being cooped up in his traveling case made him want to see the great outdoors. Please excuse that blurry dot in the middle, it was drizzling rain. I think a spot of water must have landed on my lens!

After seeing there were only some white blossoms, which made him sneeze endlessly, he came back inside for some lunch.

Can you see Will saying, "Say aawww....."?

While the kids had some quiet time, Monkey saw my laptop was open. "How do you spell her blog's name? I need to check in with my mommy!" Can do, little Monkey. "Hey, she got a new car....AND the top comes down! That is too cool!"
After a bit of quiet time, we lugged out the Kitchenaid. We made Peanut Butter and Chocolate cookies.
"Hey, whatcha mixing up in there?"

Ready to plate and share with the neighbors. PS..the cookies really weren't that good. They were kind of like dry vanilla wafers that tasted like peanut butter...and they were a pain to make those two kind of drizzles.

I told the neighbors if they accepted the cookies, they had to be on Monkey's blog. Both agreed in a heartbeat! The kids look like they had to hand over Monkey as well!

Neighbor B is a uber awesome scrapper lady! Check out her blog if you do scrapbooks: Defying Gravity

Cookies, smookies....isn't it five o'clock around here?
More adventures in store! It is amazing to see how one little Monkey can bring smiles to so many faces.

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