Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good Times in Louisiana!!!

Monkey immediatly grabbed the remote and headed for the recliner- typical man!!!

Monkey meets monkey dog...

Spring has arrived in Louisiana! Monkey loved the azaleas!

St. Patrick's Day- Monkey and I went four-leaf clover hunting to celebrate


At the gates of Britney Spears' "Serenity".

Welcome to my world!

Crossing Lake Ponchatrain on the Causeway- the longest bridge in the world. I must say, Monkey was a little afraid and hung on for dear life!

...at the edge of his seat!


The Elms Mansion on St. Charles Avenue

The former MTV Real World New Orleans house

Chickory coffee and beignets!

Monkey artwork near Jackson Square

St. Louis Cathedral

Katrina artwork

Blue Dog Gallery

Sewage Meter- there's a BIG issue with people stealing them for cheap souvenirs- Monkey resisted temptation!

Pat O's- one hurricane from here will knock your socks off!

I tried to tell Monkey that Voodoo dolls were NOT to be played with!

enjoying some music...

Following in the footsteps of Elvis who once stayed here.

Bourbon, at last!

Showing his behind on Bourbon!

Monkey, worn-out from all the excitement, taking a break overlooking the Mississppi River.
Thanks for visiting us, Monkey- we welcome you back to Louisiana anytime!


Celeste said...
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lisagh said...

What a great view of a great city! Thanks so much :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like Monkey had too much bourbon on Bourbon street!

I want to be Monkey...

Brie said...

What a great visit!!

Mel said...

Love it! Reminds me of my time in New Orleans, what a fabulous city. And the Cafe du Monde!! I can almost smell the beignets! Any crawfish etouffee while Monkey was in town. Oooo, my mouth is watering for some Cajun cuisine!!

NOLA tunes said...

That's too funny!
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