Sunday, December 28, 2008


Sorry these are late, but Monkey and I had a few more adventure before he made his way down to Bethy's house. Lisagh said it would still be alright to share them, so here goes.

When I heard about the opportunity to host Monkey, i was especially excited because I have my own little traveling friend. His name is Mikey. My husband actually had a Mikey doll when he was a small fry and loved him to pieces...literally. When I first moved to Richmond several years ago, I found his twin in perfect shape. Now, when I'm gone for long periods of time, new Mikey comes with me (original Mikey is a bit too fragile). New Mikey has been to Ghana in West Africa and all over Europe. He was especially excited to meet Monkey and share stories of their travels.
The boys even let Original Mikey join in the conversation. Together, they helped monkey compile his passport entry for this leg of his journey. Mikey told Monkey how we collect patches from every place we visit and helped him put one from his trip to Old Salem on his suitcase.

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Brie said...

Is Mikey from the Honey Hill Bunch? I had a bunch of those when I was little and LOVED them!