Friday, December 26, 2008

christmas day

monkey came down the stairs on christmas morning to find that santa had come to cottage bethy and he had left a great big candy cane in monkey's stocking!

monkey was especially fond of his stocking because it was handmade by his very own lisagh (she had given it to me last christmas - not even knowing its fate!).

but then poor monkey went through everything under the tree, sadly, santa did not leave him a macbook pro. maybe next year, monkey.

but we didn't forget our monkey friend. after seeing how much fun he had with the gingerbread houses, we found the perfect gift for him -

play-doh!! and since we realized monkey turned 1 during his visit with us, we had a play-doh birthday party for him! it was a wonderfully happy day.


Mona said...

Happy Birthday Monkey!

lisagh said...

Christmas and a birthday party?! That must be one party pooped Monkey!