Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Sock Monkey Apparel, Etc.

How about these footie pjs? I almost fell over laughing when I saw them!
Nick & Nora for Target have a complete line of Sock Monkey pjs, loungewear, nightgowns, robes, etc. so check 'em out! Here are a couple of the prints I saw in the store yesterday in addition to the Ginger Monkey pjs (there is an entire line of this print - robes, nightie, etc.) shown above:

Since Monkey still hasn't arrived...this seems to be the only way to get a sock monkey fix these days.


five tomatoes said...

How cute! I like these so much I won't even wait for them to go on sale - unusual at Target! ;)

a. said...

I bought two pairs of flannel pjs yesterday for $19.99 - not the sock monkeys because I already have a flannel pair - but I have a feeling I will be heading back for at least one pair in the gingerbread motif very soon! So cute.

lisagh said...

Oooooh! These are cute.

And THANK YOU VERY MUCH to a. and everyone else who's keepin' the faith. You girls are the BEST!