Monday, November 17, 2008

Renewed Itinerary

When we last left our fearless hero, he was en route to Richmond, VA. Here's a list of the next stops. I'll be in touch with everyone via email when he's on the way to you specifically. The order of things might change or people may opt out of the trip - I've found this is a very organic process.

But fret not, I'll definitely keep you all posted. Thanks so much for your patience and continued support!

1. Richmond, VA – Chloe M.
2. Greensboro, NC – Susan D.
3. Greensboro, NC – Amanda L.
4. Charlotte, NC – Bethy S.
5. Goose Creek, SC – Melanie P.
6. Savannah, GA – Kelly S.
7. Savannah, GA – Eva M.
8. Clermont, FL – Cas J.
9. Brandon, FL – Christy S.
10. St. Petersburg, FL – Trish J.
11. Stuart, FL - Vivian B.
12. Kentwood, LA – Chablis T.
13. Johnson City, TN – Christiane C.
14. Elizabethtown, KY – Tommie A.
15. Suwanee, GA – Melinda S.
16. Lookout Mountain, TN – Joy I.
17. Defiance, MO – Sarah M.
18. Chicago, IL – Melissa M.
19. Kansas City, KS – Toi T.
20. Olathe, KS – Sarah P.
21. Oklahoma City, OK – Amy H.
22. Dallas, TX – Brittany M.
23. Palm Springs, CA – Stefanie G.
24. Las Vegas, NV – Jennifer W.
25. Berkeley, CA – Cindy F.
26. Portland, OR – Marisa M.
27. Gresham, OR - April B.
28. Bothwell, WA – Laura W.

. . .


Preppy Chemist said...

I would love to host in Nashville, if a spot opens. I'm so glad he's found!

Siansburys said...

Oh he's back?!! That's such great news!! :D :D

JenWebb702 said...

Can't wait! It will be fun to have Monkey in town for Jaron's high school graduation. Just kidding!!!

Anonymous said...

Whoooooooo whoooooooooo!! Field museum here we come!! I can't wait!

five tomatoes said...

I can't wait for Monkey to see all these new places! I am still willing to show him Milwaukee once everybody else is done if you're up for it.

Sassy Cass said...

I would be glad to show Monkey around Birmingham if he wants to come!