Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Monkey's time in Annapolis... finally!

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to post our pictures of Monkey's visit to Annapolis, Maryland. The day after Monkey left we left town too and we didn't get home until late last night. Without further ado...

Last Wednesday Lilly and Michael and I took Monkey down town Annapolis to see the sites. We started at the Alex Haley Memorial. Monkey was being a monkey when he sat on one of the child statues! The kids thought it would be a fun photo. I had to stop Michael from also sitting on the statue's head encouraging him to sit with Monkey and his sister next to the statue of Alex Haley.

After we visited the memorial we strolled down Ego Alley...

At the end of the dock we tried to get a few photos of Monkey with the sail boats but as you can see the weather was not cooperating and the sail boats were few and far between for some reason this night. If only the weather had been nicer... we could have gone out on our boat and really had a blast.

We discovered the National Sailing Hall of Fame... something we did not even know existed in Annapolis!

We considered Storm Brothers ice cream for dessert after dinner but decided to go for the good stuff at Aromi d'Italia. A good gelato was just what Monkey wanted...

...but he had a hard time deciding what flavor to get.

First, we ate dinner (also at Aromi d'Italia). Milk for Monkey and the kids... water for me.

Don't tell anyone but I think Monkey had a crush on Lilly - he loved sitting with her.

After dinner we wanted to walk around more but it started to rain. It's a good thing we remembered to bring the rain hat and coat I bought for Monkey!

Thankfully the rain didn't last long so we headed over to the Naval Academy.

After the Naval Academy we decided to go to the World War II Memorial. Our first visit to the Memorial and it's just 5 minutes from our home.

And then the weather really started to get bad so we packed it in for the night and headed on home. Not before one last picture - the view from the Memorial. The building you see is the Naval Academy and you can see the capital building in the background too.
Lilly wanted to read with Monkey in her room before bed so I let them. Monkey's hoping "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" will help him make the most of his future travels.
Michael was not buying into the self help book though so he decided to teach Monkey how to play Nintendo. I think Monkey liked "hanging out" with another boy after his girl time with Lilly.
And then we had a great idea! We decided to introduce Monkey to Holly Golightly (our dog). We knew Monkey was afraid of big blond dogs but we were pretty sure he would LOVE our puppy who happens to be small and black. Monkey loved Holly and wouldn't stop kissing her!! Holly was indifferent at first but then she was loving on Monkey as much as we were.

The next morning the kids helped me pack Monkey for his travels back to Virginia. We were sad as sad can be to see him go.

Farewell Monkey... thanks for a great time!
Come back soon and next time bring your Momma!

Kevin, Kerry, Lilly & Michael

P.S. Thanks Momma Lisagh for letting us have Monkey for a few days!


Mel said...

What a terrific visit! And I love the fact that you discovered new things about where you live! How fun!

lisagh said...

How cute! I'm so happy Monkey's fear of dogs has been quelled. He's a very smoochy little guy, isn't he?

Thanks so much for a great time Annapolis!

KK said...

Oh my gosh, Holly is hilarious. How she turns her head when Monkey is trying to kiss her. That is something my dog would do!

Great pictures!

Ned said...

I love the pictures of your visit! Also very thankful Monkey is giving dogs a second chance!

preppy little dress said...

looks like monkey had a great visit to annapolis! did he make it to buddys or phillips for dinner - yummy! i love annapolis!!

Mel said...

Where did Monkey go??

More, More, More said...

Mel- Monkey arrived safely in VA last I heard! Where is our Monkey?