Saturday, August 30, 2008

He's Here!!

Monkey arrived safely in Leesburg, VA yesterday, and enjoyed a wonderful pizza dinner with me and a friend last evening. We have so many fun plans for Monkey over the next few days: today the farmer's market and school shopping, church and DC museums tomorrow and Monday, and (we're SO lucky!) Monkey will be there to help me welcome my seventh graders to their first day of school on Tuesday!! I'll update with lots of fun photos, I promise, but for right now (since I'm in the digital camera Stone Age) please give me the grace to wait till I get photos developed.

Meanwhile, wish us luck and fun as Monkey embarks on his Northern Virginia adventure!



gandr said...

Have fun, Monkey!

Lees: It is my imagination, or has the Garage closed for the moment? Whasup? Hope everything's ok.

lisagh said...

Garage is open and I think everything is normal. Email me ( to let me know if you can't access.


gandr said...

Oops. That's me accidentally logged in on my dad's account. I'm chilling down behind the Orange Curtain for a bit.