Monday, August 4, 2008

Farewell Monkey

Monkey departed NYC this morning on the UPS jet for PA. He'll arrive there tomorrow. I upgraded his ticket because I know the next family is eager to greet him! Before he left he stopped by my office and I showed him around my hospital.

Here he is next to the Radiology MRI Suite--he was so glad that his bite wasn't bad enough to get him here!

Here he is with a few of my coworkers, Pearl and Owana.

He saw this door and said he heard about fellow monkeys being put in these labs..but I promised that didn't happen here at my hospital!

Here's Monkey being funny on an operating table. He said it brought back recent memories! Poor monkey!

Here is Monkey showing off a plaque for NYC's best docs. He wanted his pic with this since his doctor was in this issue.

Monkey, we love you and we are so sorry you had an emergency during your visit here. But, we hope you'll remember all of the fun things we did and the cool things you saw. Come back and visit anytime!

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