Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Our final monkey day - goin' to camp

This post is a bit late, but we wanted to make sure to show the final pictures from our fabulous visit with Monkey. We had to drive up to the Poconos to pick up Alissa and her cousin from camp. Monkey and Stinky were so excited for another road trip. They got themselves into the car and were ready for some sightseeing.I informed them that they were in charge of navigation, so the binoculars got replaced with a road map. They gave us great directions!

Finally, Monkey got to meet (a very tired but happy Alissa). She was really hoping to see him before he left for MA. Then he wanted a tour of the cabins.

Monkey thought the bed was very comfortable... he also had fun checking out the top bunk with Alissa and her cousin Alexandra.

A final trip to the canteen, but Monkey was a bit dismayed that the snacks had all been sold out.

Luckily, he was easily distracted by the other fun things at camp. He and Stinky enjoyed ringing the camp bell. Then they started to climb the trees!Time to get the girls home. The monkeys loved camp. They wanted to ride home on the front of the car so they could enjoy the mountain air, but we convinced them that they should get in the back with the girls. Luckily, they obliged.Back at home, the monkeys decided to play for a bit before Monkey had to leave. Look at the amazing gear layout they designed! Such smart Monkeys. Inspired by their scientific abilities, the monkeys decided to work a bit on the eat in kitchen we are adding on to the house. They quickly tired of swinging hammers and found a ladder to hang out on instead.

Finally, it was lunch time. Monkey graciously shared his snacks with Stinky.

Then they knew they had to say goodbye. They were very sad, as they had become fast friends.

Meanwhile, it seemed as if our cat, Madeline also didn't want Monkey to go and tried to thwart his departure...
But there was no point in delaying the inevitable, so a final kiss from Stinky, and Monkey was on his way to see Brie in MA!

Thanks Lisagh for sharing Monkey with us! He was a joy and was a lovely guest. Hopefully he and Stinky can see one another again. We can't wait to see what else Monkey gets to do on his tour!

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